mria Welcome to the website of the Marine Renewables Industry Association (MRIA) which represents companies and interests on the island of Ireland - Ireland and Northern Ireland - in the  Marine Renewables Emerging Technologies' (MRET) fields of wave, tidal, floating wind and 'hybrid' energy. The Association includes firms engaged in device development and manufacture, developers of projects and sites, academic researchers, consultants, professional firms and researchers.

The Association is an all-island body. 

This website was recently (May 2018) revamped to make it more accessible and user-friendly. The Association wants it to become an important source for all interested in the Marine Renewables Emerging Technologies and welcomes e.g. any donations of photographs of MRET devices or facilities for the site. We would also be delighted for any suggestions for the (Members only....sorry!) Library. 



January 15th 2020: Happy New Year! If you have'nt already done so, please register for the annual MRIA Forum by emailing Chairman@mria.ie. Admission is free but, of course, the Association reserves the right to refuse admission. The Forum will be held on Thursday, February 6th, 9.0am - 3.30pm at the Alex Hotel, Dublin. The Forum is now among the most important marine renewables experimental technologies event in the globally.

October 20th 2019: Early warning! The annual MRIA Emerging Technologies Forum will be held on THURSDAY, February 6th 2020 at the Alex Hotel, Dublin

June 17th 2019: MRIA has issued a newsletter to members only today setting out the epochal marine policy and legislative changes underway in Ireland which will support ocean energy and will have a fundemental impact for the rest of this century.

May 29th 2019: MRIA Council will hold its Spring meeting on Friday. Packed agenda and full house at a time of great hope for Irish marine renewables in light of forthcoming Climate Action Plan

February 27th 2019: Presentations from MRIA's 2019 Forum are here .

February 25th 2019: MRIA's submission on the Draft National Climate and Energy Plan is here. Contains MRIA's forecasts for wave and tidal deployments off Ireland out to 2040