7th Ocean Energy Industry Forum

7th Ocean Energy Industry Forum 2016
Ocean Energy: Developments & Plans
February 12th, 2016 - Sponsored by Arthur Cox

Opening of Forum: Eamonn Confrey, Principal on behalf of the Minister for Energy, Communications and Natural Resources, Republic of Ireland
Chair: Peter Coyle, Chairman MRIA

Session 1: Further policy and support steps in ocean energy

Chair- Charlotte O'Kelly, CEO Techworks Marine

Session 2: Technology Progress
Chair: Dr Paul Brewster, Pure Marine

5 Minute Snapshots:

Session 3: MaREI – a Centre of Excellence for Marine and Renewable Energy

Chair: Dr Tony Lewis, Emeritus Beaufort Professor, UCC and co-Principal Investigator, MaREI

5 Minute Snapshots:

Closing Remarks: Professor Tony Lewis

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